KADOKAWA Contents Academyは、日本が誇るコンテンツ制作ノウハウを世界に伝えるための新たな”学び”のプラットフォームとして生まれました。2014年9月の台湾を皮切りに、アジアの国と地域にスクールを展開し、現地のエンタテインメント産業の創造に貢献していきます。

KADOKAWA Contents Academy was launched as a new platform for learning to transmit the Japanese know-how of content creation to the world. We are contributing to create the local entertainment industry by developing our school business in Asian countries. We starts from KIE in November 2014. 




Japanese animation and manga are very popular in Asian countries, especially in Taiwan. KIE lies in front of the Taipei station where a center of Taipei city is. Taipei station is the liveliest area in Taiwan which is a hub of the traffic network; Taiwan high speed rail, subway, buses, etc. Our school starts from here as a platform to transmit the Japanese know-how of content creation to the world.



東南アジアのビジネスハブとして目覚ましい経済発展を遂げ、東京23区程度の国土に世界有数の人口密度の高さを誇るシンガポール。全人口の約25%が外国人という超多国籍国家では、世界のあらゆる国の情報や文化が集結し、日本コンテンツも人気を集めています。KADOKAWA Contents Academyでは、シンガポールの大学や高専、専門学校などと提携し、コンテンツ制作ノウハウのカリキュラムを提供。各スクールのスタイルに合わせた“学び”のプラットフォームを実現します。

Singapore has achieved a remarkable economic development as a business hub for Southeast Asia. Singapore is a super-multiracial nation that foreigners make up about 25 percent of the total population. Japanese content has been very popular in Singapore where a variety of information and culture of other countries are gathered. KADOKAWA Contents Academy are affiliated with the University, a technical college, a vocational school to provide curriculums of the know-how of content creation.


KADOKAWA Animation and Design School



Bangkok, one of the biggest city in South East Asia, has been centre of education, culture, economy and politics in Thailand since transferring of capital in 1782. In this historic and mix-culture city of modern atmosphere or tradition of Buddhism or so forth, Japanese content is very popular and many Japanese pop culture events are held in a year.
Our new Bangkok school is located in the property of Chulalongkorn University, one of the highest educational institution, and very close to MRT Sam Yan station. Students would be able to study Japanese content creation expertise from the heart of education.